Tuesday, February 3, 2009

keeping warm

I wanted to share a picture of one of Brian’s favorite things in the house that we live in: the fireplace.  “Now don’t you guys live near the equator?” Yes, Papua New Guinea is a tropical place, but we no longer live in the hot, humid coastal areas.  We’re in the Highlands.  The elevation of Ukarumpa is about a mile above sea level, on par with Denver, CO.  Of course, it doesn’t get nearly as cold here as it does there.  Most days here are pleasantly in the 70’s or 80’s, but it can dip down to the 50’s at night.  And there’s this thing called acclimatization – once you get used to eternal springtime, 50 or 60 degrees seems really cold!


Added to this is the fact that none of the houses here have central heating systems.  I ran into the same thing in Australia.  When it doesn’t get that cold, why waste money on heating?  Just throw on your slippers and a sweatshirt in the morning – it’ll be warm again before noon.  Of course, Brian, as a man, has this special place in his heart for building fires.  He collects man-points by chopping wood with an axe and by expertly arranging the wood in the fireplace and lighting it with just one match.  (I can give him a hard time because he’s out of town on a work trip and won’t read this blog until he gets back.) 


So it’s actually nice to have a fireplace.  We don’t light it all the time.  We could probably live without it.  But it is cozy to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the crackling fire when it’s a freezing 50 degrees outside.

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Kyle said...

haha. "A chilly 50 degrees." A fire IS fun no matter what the temperature. Keep warm and healthy