Friday, April 10, 2009


When I got home from buying veggies at the market this morning, Brian asked me if I’d felt the earthquake.  No, I didn’t feel anything, I replied.


Earthquakes are pretty common here, though they are usually small.  Often you won’t feel them if you’re not inside a building.  The first time I felt an earthquake was while we were at POC.  Coming from Colorado and never having experienced one before, I ran outside the building onto the lawn, thinking that maybe the dorm building would collapse.  Nowadays, I usually just sit still and wait for them to finish.  The earthquake this morning was pretty small, since I didn’t even notice it, but last Monday we had a decent one – magnitude 4.8.


Apparently before we came they did have a larger one that damaged a lot of the metal rain tanks on center.  When we first moved into our house here, Brian was annoyed because the sliding bolt on the back door didn’t line up and we couldn’t lock the door.  He carefully adjusted the piece on the door jamb so that it locked beautifully – that is, until our next earthquake. Now it doesn’t lock again.

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