Friday, April 3, 2009

Eulogy for my Chacos

Alas – the end is near…for my favorite sandals.  I knew that the tread was almost worn down completely.  I knew that the straps were beginning to fray.  But yesterday, as I was sitting in a meeting and absentmindedly pondering my muddy feet (it’s a condition they are often in here in Ukarumpa.  Dirt roads+rain+sandals = muddy feet), I was dismayed to see that the sole of one of my sandals has actually begun to split open.


These aren’t just any sandals.  If I remember correctly, I bought them in 2003.  I wore them every single day of the two months I was in Indonesia.  They were my favorite summer footwear in the States for 6 years.  They have traveled with me across 5 countries.  But their glory days have come to an end.


I’ll probably still keep wearing them until they fall apart completely.  Luckily, I had the foresight to know that this time was coming, so last year I bought a replacement pair of Chacos.  But I’ll still miss my red ones.

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Shannon said...

I have a pair of pink Chacos that I bought for Africa and wore them everywhere - they're still some of my most comfortable summer walking shoes! I'm sorry for your loss... : )