Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I never thought I'd see in PNG

Several people have asked us what things were we surprised to see when we came to PNG or Ukarumpa.  A lot of things we have seen we kind of expected or we weren’t too surprised about, but big trampolines were never even on our radar.  Now you might be wondering if they sell them here and the answer is no, but there are many of them here in Ukarumpa.  Our friends the Weavers shipped theirs over from the U.S. as a surprise Christmas present for their four kids and they tell us that hardly a day goes by that it is not in use.  Well as you can see Susan and I got some use out of it too, when after an Easter brunch we took our turn bouncing up and down with the kids.



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Kyle said...

you guys are just a couple of big kids...but I love it. Keep having fun and keep up the great job