Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back from the village

We arrived back home yesterday afternoon after two great weeks in the village. We’ll be posting more stories and photos in the coming days, so please be patient and check back soon.

Just to get started, here are a few photos. First we have the house where we were staying, in the village of Kundipoi. When we arrived there was a small group gathered to welcome us. They had made a decorative arch and garlands of marigolds. The children sang a song for us, and then we walked through the arch and they put the flowers around our necks. (Apparently the welcome was supposed to have been much grander, but we forgot to call them from the road to let them know we were close to arriving, and so the crowd wasn’t as big as they had hoped.)

The house had a rain water tank, which was used for drinking and showers. Every morning we had to use this hand pump to pump the water to the holding tank on the roof.

And here are some typical village houses, with Mt. Ialibu (Ya-lee-boo) in the background. The Imbo-Ungu language area lies between Mt. Ialibu and Mt. Giluwe.

The area is hilly with tall grass and occasional open areas that have been cleared for houses and gardens.


Michael said...

and lots of snakes right? ugh!

Eliza said...

This was our village house! So cool to find it via Google!