Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Some of you have already heard that we bought a house in Ukarumpa just last week. The hints that we need to post some pictures have been getting more and more blatant, so we’ve taken a little time to show you a glimpse of our new home (or at least the outside. We moved in on Saturday, and we’ve both been too busy at work to finish unpacking, so photos of the inside will come once we’re a little more settled… hopefully soon!).

It was built in 1962, and although the upstairs was completely renovated 5 years ago, the lower level is still decidedly “original.” So there are a few quirks that will give Brian something to work on on the weekends. Here are a few pictures of the back yard. Yes, it did come with a trampoline. Now I have no excuse not to exercise!

One of the nice things about owning a house here is that we can really make it our own place. No more living with someone else’s decorations and using other people’s things. We also don’t have to worry about being moved around from house to house and all the stress that goes with moving every year or so. Hopefully it will end up saving us money in the long run. And when we return after furlough, we will have a familiar place to return to.

Em tasol for now. We’ll post more photos soon.

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