Monday, July 6, 2009

More house photos

We’ve had time now to unpack at least the main rooms (the office is still pretty scary looking, and so is the spare bedroom), so here are some photos.

Our cozy living room. The first time we made a fire in the fireplace we left for work when it was still smoldering. A log fell against the screen, knocking it out, and then the log lay on the floor for a few hours and burned a nice hole in the hardwood floor. Brian was not happy! But we’re thankful that we didn’t burn the whole house down! (The fireplace also serves as a backup water heater if it has been cloudy and our solar hot water system isn’t putting out enough heat).

Susan’s favorite place – the kitchen! I joke with Brian that I get tired cooking here because I have to walk around, the kitchen is so big. In our last place I could just turn in a circle and reach the stove, refrigerator, sink and countertop.

The master bedroom. The floors in the attached bathroom and closet have never been finished, so that’s a small project we have yet to do.

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