Thursday, September 10, 2009

The HAPPYmatic

Today I brought home the Happy-Matic… a well-worn Finnish sewing machine that I bought from a friend.  It works (most of the time anyway) and although it can only do a straight and zig-zag stitch, at least I now have a sewing machine and won’t have to borrow one every time I have a little project to do.  I snapped it up because the last few times someone here has put up a sewing machine for sale I missed out.  (You have to be superhumanly fast around here to nab the good stuff on the “for sale” board!)

I’ve been thinking recently that I might like to try my hand at quilting, so maybe someday I’ll be able to upgrade to something a little more capable, but for now I’m happy just to have the Happy-Matic.

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