Sunday, September 6, 2009

Six Wheel Drive Fun

That’s right all six wheels turn when the mud gets deep!

Living in the back woods of PNG can bring many adventures and challenges and having a vehicle that can tackle them is very important. About three weeks ago a surplus military truck that was purchased to be able to tackle some of these challenges finally arrived. It is a ten ton cross country cargo hauling machine and in case you do get stuck there is a 20,000lb winch attached to the front to pull you out. Oh and it has lockers in all three axles so all the wheels will spin. My job in all of this was to reassemble it when it came out of the container. You see to fit a truck this big into a 40ft. container most of it had to be disassembled. I will let the pictures do the talking for me since they are worth so many words. But let me just add that it is a lot of fun to drive and I am looking forward on taking it on a few adventures into the wilds of PNG.

Pulling our track loader out of the river when it got stuck:

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Kyle said...

That thing is a beast!!!! Don't roll it like your dodge Brian