Sunday, October 11, 2009

New toy for Brian

Since coming to work at the Industrial Department in Ukarumpa I have been trying my best to breathe new life into old and very old machines. Some have been taken care of and others, well, leave something to be desired. It is a constant struggle to keep everything running at the same time. Some days I am successful and some days are like this last week where I had three different machines that couldn’t run at all.

Anyway that is not what this blog is about. Because so many of our machines are old and worn out or too small for the job, we were finally given permission to purchase a new machine. This is a Caterpillar 924H. The H is the latest series of front end wheel loaders to be made by Caterpillar with all the latest in technology and convenience. Needless to say it was a quantum leap from what we were using (a 22 year old IT12). Last Friday I held a small training course with all of our operators to help familiarize them with the machine and to help them not to be afraid of all the new changes this machine brings. We even got to put it to work a little Friday afternoon scooping sand and gravel out of the river and moving some of our dirty gravel stock pile around.

The guys are excited about it and so am I. It is nice to have something that I don’t have to babysit everyday and pray that it will keep moving. So now I will have time hopefully to get those other machines up and running.

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dahliaqueen said...

Wow, and just in time for your birthday! I remember your first Tonka front end loader, I still have it somewhere. Glad your week went well, love mom and dad