Tuesday, December 8, 2009

going home in style

We were excited to learn that the Kodiak was scheduled to pick us up from Walagu and bring us back to Ukarumpa. The Kodiak is SIL’s newest airplane (see post from October 3). Besides having that new airplane smell, the Kodiak is faster than the Cessna 206 and is was specifically designed for mission aviation. It also runs on regular jet fuel, instead of avgas, which is more expensive and harder to find. It can carry about twice the weight as the 206, which is a big help for families or folks who have a lot of cargo. (Joy, Brian and I, along with our cargo, just about maxed out the 206 on the way to Walagu. Joy had even brought an extra box to the airstrip with us, so that if our cargo weighed too much, we could leave behind a few cans of food!)

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With the holidays coming up, can you guys post your mailing address in your next blog post?