Monday, December 7, 2009

playing with kids

Joy and I (Susan) spent a lot of time playing with kids in Walagu. We played Frisbee and made balls by wadding up plastic rice bags and other food wrappers and wrapping them with packing tape. Joy had created a memory game with photos of the kids that she had taken on her last village visit.

We also read books to the kids. Even Brian and I were “reading” Onobasulu stories (it’s a relatively easy language to sound out, although I had little idea what I was actually saying).

One day when Brian was holding Segia (see previous post), he decided that he really needed a bath. Much to the amusement of the other kids, Brian took him to the sink and washed him off. Then he filled up a basin with warm water, grabbed a bar of soap, and gave a few more of the younger kids a bath. The older kids who were watching thought it was hilarious.

Most of the younger kids did not speak any Tok Pisin, so it was a little hard to communicate. Luckily we had Joy with us, who knew enough Onobasulu phrases to communicate with them (and to tell them to go away when we were tired and needed to rest!)

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