Friday, December 4, 2009


Yesterday we returned from the village of Walagu, in the Southern Highlands province. We promised you some pictures, and so here is a start. First of all, here is an aerial view of the airstrip:

And here is part of the crowd that was there to meet us when we landed:

The airstrip is a 20-minute walk from the house where we were staying. Joy had warned us that it’s often easier to go barefoot than to try to wear shoes, especially if it has been raining. The trail can get pretty slick with mud, and then of course is the issue of all the log bridges that we had to cross…

Ok, the pictures don’t do the bridges justice. I know it doesn’t look that dangerous, but the water was full of thorns from the sago palm, so you didn’t want to fall in! We were a good source of entertainment as we nervously crossed the bridges. The locals can do it without help by the time they are toddlers, and they can carry all sorts of things across them without balking!

The village is in a beautiful spot, with houses scattered along the ridgelines. Here is a photo of the house that we stayed in:

And here is the view:

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Kyle said...

Wow!!! Looks pretty neat, but also rugged.