Monday, January 18, 2010


Welcome to rainy season in Ukarumpa!  I think the author must have meant it figuratively when he said “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,” because I don’t see very many beautiful feet among the missionaries here.  During the dry season, your feet are covered with dust, and in the rainy season, they are covered with mud.  This is a photo of my feet after I went to market this morning.  Granted, this isn’t a very dramatic photo (I’ve been much muddier) – but this is how my feet typically look (and you don’t want to see the bottoms!).  I suppose I could be like Brian and wear socks and shoes, but I figure it’s easier to wash muddy feet than muddy shoes.


In the rainy season, the ground becomes very spongy, and never really dries out.  Especially the grass.  Our lawn may look nice and green, but as soon as you step on it, the mud comes oozing up to envelop your foot.  This morning I was about to walk to work when I remembered that Defa, our yard meri, was coming to work, and I needed to tie up the dog.  I walked gingerly into the back yard to avoid getting my feet all muddy, but then Ruby came galloping around the corner to greet me.  I ended up with mud spattered all over my arms, because I was bending down to catch her and prevent her muddy paws from reaching my clean clothes.  I decided I would just walk to work and clean up there rather than go back in the house.  On the way to work I met Defa, and she asked “what happened to you?”  And then at work I got the same reaction from our receptionist.  You would think that they are used to seeing mud-splattered people by now!  Although I guess it does look much more dramatic against my white skin…

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Kyle said...

thank you for showing us your feet instead of Brians!! Hahaha

Love you guys