Tuesday, February 23, 2010

speaking of trees...

I thought I’d share a few photos, since this ties in so well with my last blog entry.

Last night Brian and I were watching a movie as it rained outside. We had to keep turning up the volume because the rain got so loud. But then we heard something outside over the blare of our speakers. “I bet a tree just fell down,” groaned Brian. So he got a flashlight and headed outside along with half the neighbors, hoping that it wasn’t one of our trees! It turned out to be in the backyard of a neighbor’s house. It was a tree she was planning on cutting down, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Thankfully, it didn’t hit any buildings, but it did take out a power line and three houses were without electricity last night. So this morning Brian and his crew will be cleaning up that mess.

As we were standing out in the rain last night examining the damage, our neighbor from across the street said casually to Brian, “So…. what about your tree…?” casting a significant look at the giant in our front lawn that is perfectly poised to do some major damage to their house, should it fall. Problem is, we’re all in the same boat here. When a missionary happens to have a few hundred extra dollars on hand, investing it in cutting down a tree isn’t usually the highest thing on the priority list.

Anyone know a lumberjack that would be interested in coming and doing some volunteer work here at Ukarumpa?

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