Sunday, March 7, 2010

why NOT to bring leather to PNG...

Ukarumpa is a pretty casual place, as far as attire goes. There is certainly no expectation that you have to dress up for church on Sunday, though a lot of people still do. Brian will often wear shorts, a collared shirt, and flip-flops to church. But every so often he decides to break out the old dress pants and dress shoes. After all, his weekday uniform is dirty jeans, old t-shirts and coveralls. Sometimes it’s nice to show everyone (including your wife) how well you clean up. (He did comb is hair before we left the house, I promise!)

Unfortunately, when he decides to do this, he usually ends up spending some time cleaning the layer of mold that has grown on his shoes since he last wore them. Yeah, leather doesn’t do so well in this climate! We’ve tried washing them with vinegar water to change the pH, as well as letting them sit out in the sun, but nothing really works. It’s not as though they are sitting in a damp corner either. We try to make sure they get plenty of ventilation.

So if you come to visit us here, don’t worry too much about appearances. Leave the dress shoes at home!

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Kyle said...

Darn, guess I shouldn't bring my leather Member's Only jacket when I come to visit then.