Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting ready for little Frey

We have been talking about getting the baby’s room ready for a couple months now, but like anything else it just kept getting put off.  Susan had decided on the colors over a month ago, but we were saving our money to buy the paint.  Paint in PNG is very expensive!  We looked at the little book of paint colors and selected the ones we wanted. (Of course, in PNG you can never be sure that the color that they mix up at the hardware store will actually match the paint chips.)  And we went down to the hardware counter here in Ukarumpa to buy it.  However, all they had was high gloss paint and we really wanted semi-gloss.  We figured that since I go down to Lae often that we could just wait until my next trip.  Another week went by, and then Clark, my boss, went down and was able to pick it up.

We spent today moving the furniture away from the walls and doing any final sanding and washing.  Then it was time to paint.  All went well and we were very careful not to spill on the hardwood floors.  We have one green wall and the other three are a light brown.  It turned out pretty nice and as far as we can remember it looks like what we picked out of the book.  Susan said that was the advantage of picking out the colors so far in advance – since we no longer have the paint chips to compare it to, we can’t be sad if it isn’t exactly the same.   Tomorrow we’ll just have to do the second coat on the tan walls and then the trim work, and then Susan can finally get around to decorating it (apparently that’s really important to moms…)

Susan’s almost at 30 weeks now – only 10 left to go.  (And only 4 and a half until we leave PNG…)

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