Saturday, April 3, 2010

PNG tru

Ruby is PNG tru - a true Papua New Guinean dog. Why? Because she would much rather eat kaukau (sweet potato) or bananas than dog food. Since dog food is fairly expensive here, we usually mix a little boiled kaukau or a banana in with her food to stretch it farther. She wolfs down that first, before she’ll touch the dog food. In fact, whenever she sees one of us walking towards the bunch of bananas that we often have hanging under our porch to ripen, she jumps up and sits by the fence, wagging her tail expectantly and licking her lips, in case we decide to throw her one.

She used to get so excited about feeding times that she would jump all over us, and so we trained her to wait. Now when she hears us filling the food dish, she runs to her spot outside the back door and sits obediently.

However, as you can see from this photo, once we place the dish on the ground it seems to take all of her willpower to remain sitting and wait for the command to eat!

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