Monday, May 3, 2010

edibles in our yard

This is a tour of the edible plants we have in our yard right now that you probably won't find at home.

My favorite, the loquat, is just starting to bear right now. Unfortunately we’ll be away most of the time that the fruit is ripe.

There are also two tamarillo (or “tree tomato”) trees.

We have our very own coffee bush (which doesn’t produce enough to bother picking it).

And lots and lots of cherry guavas. We have some regular guavas too, but no fruit on the tree right now. Local kids will sometimes knock on our door asking for permission to pick from the trees near the road.

Here is an interesting one – choko. This spiky, tasteless squash-like thing is something that we hardly ever use, but our yard meri picks it to bring home, and some friends use the leaves to feed to their guinea pig. PNGns also like to cook and eat the greens.

And we can’t forget the bananas – we have about 3 dozen banana trees, and so we usually have a steady supply. The problem is that the whole bunch tends to ripen all at the same time, and then you can’t give them away fast enough!

We have a small scrawny lemon tree hidden behind the water tank…

And a few pineapples, although they grow so slowly here in the Highlands that it will take a long time before this one bears fruit.


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