Sunday, July 4, 2010


I get lots and lots of helpful tips on "how to get labor started." It seems like everywhere I go, people need to share what they have heard works, or what worked for them. I've given several a go, but no luck yet. In my opinion, these sorts of things only "work" if the baby is ready to come out anyway!

Here are a few things I've tried:
  • walking - oh believe me, I've been walking multiple miles daily
  • jumping jacks - didn't do too many of these, but I did do some
  • spicy food - ate Thai last night... no luck
  • weeding in the garden - there is always plenty of garden work to do at my in-laws' house
  • taking a bumpy car ride - today I drove the flatbed truck across the field while the guys "bucked" hay
  • riding lawn mower - tried it twice so far
  • acupressure - I really think this one might work, but haven't been able to convince Brian to spend hours massaging my feet and calves - darn!
  • Wii Fit - this is my own idea, and I've tried a bunch of different games. No baby yet, but I do hold the family records in Super Hula Hoop and Ski Jumping.
Tonight we're going to try watching loud fireworks - maybe that will work. A part of me secretly hopes that it starts while doing something either totally ridiculous or mundane, so that I can give advice to pregnant women in the future: "Well, I was watching Biggest Loser on TV while eating a bowl of ice cream, and that's what worked for me! You should try it!"

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Catharine C said...

Just to let you know we are thinking and praying for you. Wonderful to hear that everything is going well. Love the Carpenters
P.S. Baby 'hurry-up' tip - apparently a VERY small portion of rhubarb leaves (also supposed to be poisonous so I'd not recommend it)