Friday, July 30, 2010


To reward Greg for making it to three weeks, Daddy drove all the way to Denver to the passport expedite office to pick up his very first passport!  As you can see, he is very excited about becoming a world traveler soon.  We have four weeks left until our scheduled return to Papua New Guinea, so we would appreciate your prayers that his visa application would be approved in time.


Lance and Jenny said...

hey i can't find your email but congrats with greg!! he is adorable! also I was going to ask about a stroller- if you have one/need one. I am looking to offload a jeep liberty jogging stroller. you probably already have one but let me know.
Congrats again- he is too cute!

KB said...

I love the picture! It makes me smile :) It was so good to see you at the baby shower. I will keep you in my prayers.

Brian and Susan said...

Thanks everyone for praying. Greg's visa has been approved, and so we're going back as planned!