Monday, August 30, 2010

Home again

Just wanted to let you know that we made it back to Papua New Guinea safe and sound on Friday afternoon (PNG time). It feels good to be back in our own house again, and people here were eager to see us again (at least they were eager to see Greg, that is).

Greg did pretty well on the trip, which was about as direct as we could make it. We had four flights (the longest was 13.5 hours) and no layovers longer than 3 hours. Of course, Greg was more alert this time around than on his first flight at a week old.

Here is Greg getting ready to fly in the Kodiak up to Ukarumpa – the last leg of our journey. You should have seen his face when we hit some turbulence in the small plane – he was pretty startled!

Before we left grandma’s house, we took a walk through her dahlia field, which was all in bloom.

And Greg said goodbye to grandma and grandpa’s dog, Haydin.

But in PNG, he got to say hello to his new pet, Ruby.

Today Susan took Greg out to the classrooms where the STEP students are finishing up their final course. Jecobeth was delighted to finally get to hold him.

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