Saturday, November 13, 2010

another Saut hike update

I spoke with Brian on the radio this afternoon.  It sounds like so far their trip has gone really well.  Thanks for your prayers.

They have spent a lot of time talking with people in the different villages and trying to build community support for the work there.  This morning the village leaders decided that they should spend time praying as a community, and so Brian said that they spent a good portion of the morning walking around and praying over the village.  Things are going so well that they may possibly come home a day early.  We shall see.  It’s likely that I won’t speak with Brian again before they get back to Lae since they don’t have good cell phone reception in the village.

Greg and I have been doing well.  I’ve decided to make the best of the situation and so I have been enjoying all of the things that I like that Brian isn’t fond of – like eating “chick food” (meatless meals, a bagel for lunch, that sort of thing), and watching Jane Austin movies with my girlfriends.  I made bran muffins this afternoon and I put LOTS of raisins in them (Brian hates raisins).  And tonight, after Greg goes to bed, I think I will watch a movie with subtitles and work on my cross stitch. 


dahliaqueen said...

You go girl! Glad everything is great! We love you.

Shannon said...

What a blessing - raisins, Jane Austin and subtitles! Sounds like a fun few days to me!