Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sorry, this is not a completion of the Saut hike story either. Brian is too engrossed in his book right now to blog, and so I’ll just entertain you with some photos of my handsome, clever son for a while.

Look at him – sitting up! (Ok, I confess. I cropped out dad’s hand in the corner of the picture, waiting to catch him when he toppled. We haven’t quite got the balance required for sitting yet. I have told Greg though that I would really like him to learn to sit before Christmas, so that he can look cute in Christmas pictures. We shall see if he cooperates or not…)

This morning we moved a bookshelf from downstairs to Greg’s room, so that he can have a place to store his books and toys.

He wasn’t quite as engrossed in Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel as Brian had hoped he would be.

Greg loves the camera. Here is his supermodel look. (I think too many people have told him he looks like the Gerber baby and it has gone to his head.)

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Shannon said...

Baby Greg - SUPER cute! We'll miss you guys this holiday season, but thanks for continuing to share all that God is doing there in PNG. Not only ministry, but within the family too.