Saturday, February 26, 2011


Sometimes, on a Saturday morning, we will go and have a latté at our favorite coffee shop.

What? A coffee shop? I thought you guys lived in the middle of nowhere!

Ledcafe is a wonderful service provided to the community by our friends Loren and Kensey (above). Since there is no such thing as a coffee shop anywhere nearby (they don’t even have a single Starbucks in the country, if you can imagine...), most Saturday mornings Loren and Kensey open up their home to the community. They have an espresso machine and make specialty coffees, as well as Kensey’s famous breakfast burritos and chocolate chip scones. They don’t make a profit off their coffee shop. The prices they charge just cover the cost of the ingredients. It’s a great way to relax and feel for a moment like you are back home.

People can sit inside or out on the porch, and can chat with the hosts or have a quiet conversation with friends.

There is usually someone who is willing to hold Greg too.

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Shari said...

That sounds really pleasant. What fun to host a coffee shop in your house...hmmm.