Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Alphabet for Ma Manda: Part 3

Here are just a few random snapshots from Kesengen:

Using the new alphabet for the first time! This is a sign advertising the closing ceremony for our workshop.

Greg did not enjoy cold water bucket baths.

This is where we bathed. It was pretty luxurious. Often in the village the men and women have separate bathing spots along the river, and bathing is a rather public thing. You bathe with a sarong or something wrapped around you, and people like to come watch. However, some of the teachers in Kesengen kindly allowed us to use their bathing spot. The photo is a bit dark (it was 6am when I took the photo), but there is a bamboo enclosure that is built over a drainage ditch. A long bamboo pipe runs from a water spigot to the bathing enclosure. Running water, and semi-privacy. Awesome!

Greg and Chloe looking out the window together. Greg loved following Chloe around and taking her books or crackers.

Brian reads Greg a story in our room.

I wanted to get a photo of this old lady’s head. Women in PNG carry heavy loads in bilums (string bags) that hang from their heads. This woman has a permanent crease in her skull from a lifetime of bearing heavy burdens.

Greg loves attention, and so he didn’t mind being passed around from person to person in the village. When I walked out of church on Sunday morning because he was being fussy, this gang of children happily followed and brought him all sorts of fruit to eat. Look at that smile!

And here is Greg with some of the men from the village. He was a popular guy.

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