Saturday, May 28, 2011

Joy's granola

Brian and I are a “support team” for our friend Joy, who does literacy work with the Onobasulu language group.  This means that we help her out with all of the little things that she needs when she is getting ready to go to the village or when she comes back, and we’re also who she can contact while she is in the village if something comes up.  Well, Joy is going out soon for an 8-week stay with the Onobasulu, and she asked me if I could make granola for her.

When you are flying out to a remote area you have to carefully consider both the size and the weight of all of the things that you are bringing with you.  You pay for your cargo by the kilo, and it all has to fit in the airplane too!  So Joy does a lot of calculations to figure out exactly how much food she needs to bring.  She asked me to make her 16 cups of granola.  She brought over the ingredients, and I spent an hour or two mixing it up and baking it.  It’s just a small thing to do, but it’s one less thing that she has to do before she goes.

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