Tuesday, August 30, 2011

bye-bye curls

It was a spur of the moment thing. Greg was napping, Brian had gone back to work after lunch, and I decided to give myself a little trim. I don’t normally cut my own hair, but it really needed it, and I figured, hey, why not? How bad could it be? But this post isn’t about my haircut - because just as I was finishing up my own hair, Greg woke up from his nap.

I have been wanting to cut Greg’s hair for a few weeks, but Brian has been very non-committal whenever I brought it up. Brian is the one who is sentimental about the soft little baby curls, and I’m the one who wants him to look neat and tidy. Which is pretty funny when I think about it – I would have expected it to be the opposite! Brian would certainly never let his hair get long!

This is curly Greg from last week.

How did I manage to keep my almost-14-month-old still long enough for a haircut all by myself? Well, I’m super mom, didn’t you know? Actually, it’s amazing what cooperation a usually-forbidden treat like an Oreo cookie will buy! Since it wasn’t really planned out, I didn’t get any photos of the haircut itself, but here is the final result:

From the side

The Stink Eye. This is Greg’s favorite look to give to people right now – especially random people who say hello to him while we’re out and about. I’m glad I caught this on camera.

Now I just hope Brian doesn’t kill me when he comes home from work and sees what I’ve done!

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dahliaqueen said...

You just took away the baby!! Loved the curls. Brian did not get a haircut til almost 2 :)