Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a mess!

Greg has become pretty attached to his daddy lately. When he hears Brian come home from work, he runs over to the door to be held, never mind the muddy boots and greasy coveralls. In the mornings, he just wants to hang out with dad, and he’s pretty sad when the time comes to wave goodbye to daddy as he leaves for work.

This morning Greg was feeling sad after Brian left, so I decided to cheer him up by letting him make a good old fashioned mess. I had an extra kilo of rice in the pantry that I keep just for things like weighing down empty pie crusts when I’m baking. I put it in the big green Tupperware bowl and gave Greg some spoons and cups and the whole kitchen floor in which to make a mess. Needless to say he had a grand time of it, and some good practice scooping and pouring.

And, inevitably, it ended with picking up the whole bowl and pouring it right into his lap!

1 comment:

dahliaqueen said...

All he needed was a dump truck!! Great time Greg :)