Friday, October 28, 2011

belly button

Greg has been learning his body parts.  The current favorite is belly button.  If you are familiar with the Veggie Tales Belly Button song, then you will appreciate the fact that when we say “Belly Button!” to him in a South Asian accent he replies “Ah, ah!” just like in the song.

A close second is teeth.  Greg loves brushing his teeth, and also loves to watch us brush ours.  At bedtime he’ll excitedly say “theeth, theeth, theeth!”

When you ask Greg where his head is, he responds by smacking himself on the forehead.  This comes from many, many readings of the book “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” ( fell off and bumped his head)

Toes are popular too.  Like teeth, this is one that he can actually say (sort of).  Toes are important because that’s where your shoes go.  And shoes mean you’re going outside!

Phew!  Got to take a rest after showing off all my knowledge!

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