Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brian's Birthday

Today I got an email from my mom.  “I still haven’t seen any pictures of the cake on the blog…” she said. Oops.  I had forgotten about it!

So here it is.  See, I told you not to get too excited.  It sure tasted good though.  All that butter and chocolate did the trick.

The birthday present I had ordered for Brian did arrive – the day after his birthday.  But luckily there were some packages from family that arrived the day before, so Brian had some presents to open at breakfast.

One of the packages contained some Peeps.  We gave one to Greg, just to give him that little extra sugar boost to finish off his breakfast.  At first he just thought it was a great new squishy toy.  But then dad demonstrated that it was edible.  Wow!  He wanted more of those!  (Needless to say they were hidden when he wasn’t looking, or I know he’d beg me all day long for them)


Shannon said...

What a face! The first memorable bite of a peep.

Kyle said...

Brian I totally forgot!!!!! Happy Birthday man! That cake looks incredible. I can't believe you are so old.