Friday, October 14, 2011

A bumper sticker you will never see on my car

I had to laugh when this bumper sticker fell out of the newspaper when I was cleaning up this morning.  Regardless of the brand, I will never put a bumper sticker on my car saying “I prefer the taste of milk powder”!  


The ironic thing is that since Greg has been raised on powdered milk or boxed UHT milk (the kind that can sit on your shelf for months and only needs to be refrigerated after it has been opened), I’m afraid that he won’t like good ‘ol homogenized, pasteurized milk when we go home on furlough.  That makes me kind of sad…


Unknown said...

LOL. It may depend on the car you are driving. If it's a family car, it would be good to stick this on the bumper. Man, I can't imagine an SUV with that kind of sticker, but it's kinda cute. :)

Adam Preece

Clint Moore said...

Truly, there are lots of ways advertisers do to promote their clients' products. I agree with Adam. Maybe it still depends on the car that you are driving. ;)

Clint Moore