Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our loved ones back home.  Today is just another work day here in Papua New Guinea, but Brian took the afternoon off of work so that we could enjoy a lazy holiday afternoon together.  We are especially thankful this year that we have family here to celebrate with.  Brian’s parents arrived last Friday, and Greg has been having tons of fun with grandpa and grandma.  

Our Thanksgiving spread.  Turkeys cost about $70 here, so we stuck with a plump chicken.  But all the other staples are there – sweet potatoes, steamed green beans and carrots, rolls, stuffing and pumpkin pie – all homemade, of course.

Right now Greg is out for a post-lunch walk with grandma and grandpa, and Brian is asleep in front of the fire.  (It was a rather cold and drizzly day, which just added to the Thanksgiving atmosphere).  Here are some of the other things that we’ve been doing since Bob and Sharon came:

 The morning after they arrived was our annual Craft Fair, and I had a table selling some things that I had made.  Sharon brought some of her homemade cards and was my helper all day long. 

Sunday after church we we out to lunch at the Kainantu Hotel - basically the only restaurant nearby.

They have a nice grassy outdoors eating area at the hotel, so Greg was happy to run around while we ate.

And of course Greg has been enjoying all the attention from grandpa and grandma.  He thinks they are lots of fun. 

Playing cards with grandma.

Catching a ride on the "tuktuk" at dad's shop.

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Kyle said...

Wow your Thanksgiving sounds incredible. I am glad that Bob and Sharon made it safely, and glad you guys are enjoying the extra help and company. Next time I am coming with them!