Thursday, December 15, 2011


We live in a great community here in Ukarumpa, but one of the difficult things is that people are always coming and going.  You make good friends, and then suddenly they have to leave for furlough, or medical reasons… or whatever.   You might not see them again for years, if ever.  On Monday we had to say goodbye to our friend Joy, who was in our orientation group at POC when we first came a little over three years ago.  You can check out her blog for an interesting look at life in PNG, both in the village and in Ukarumpa.

Joy was a literacy worker with the Onobasulu language group in the Southern Highlands of PNG.  Brian and I were her support team, which kind of meant that whenever Joy was insanely busy getting ready for a village trip she could call us with a list of things that we could do to help her, and we would reply “of course Joy, whatever you say!”   We even got to go visit her in the village for Thanksgiving in 2009

Sadly, Joy’s time in PNG came to a close, and she’s off to bigger and better things somewhere else in the world.  Best of luck wherever you end up Joy – we’ll miss you!

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