Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Improvements

Ok, how about a little trip back in time to when Brian’s parents were still here?

Nothing shows hospitality more than putting your house guests to work fixing up the place, right?  Actually, Brian ran out of projects down at the shop for his dad to work on, and to be fair, Bob had specifically said “I want to get dirty,” so we decided to take him up on his offer and have him help us pour a new concrete pad under our verandah.  Thanks for all the hard work you did – I know it turned out to be a bigger project than you expected!

It’s handy being married to a guy who has the keys to the center who can go get us a scoop of gravel on a Saturday.  Greg was thrilled that the “do-bah!” (his word for dump truck or any other really big cool machine) came right to our house.

Everyone hard at work.

The finished product – doesn’t it look nice?

And Brian let me drive the loader back to the shop!  (he didn’t let me back it out of the driveway, nor did he let me back it into the shed where it lives, but I got to drive it all the way there and dump a load of rubbish into a trailer.  I think my next goal is to learn to drive the road grader – what do you think?

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