Sunday, December 4, 2011

A real vacation: Part one

Brian and I are not good at leisure.  Our pastor told us this during premarital counseling and it still holds true today.  We like to stay busy.  And so, even though our organization allows us a generous amount of vacation time, we often get to the end of the year and realize that we haven’t really used any of it.  (In my opinion, overnight shopping trips to Lae are often equal parts stress and relaxation, so I’m not sure I’d classify them as real vacations.)

Thankfully, this year has been a bit different.  In June my mom visited, and we spent some time on the island of West New Britain.  And last week, with Brian’s parents here, we went to the coastal town of Madang for five nights.  We had gorgeous weather, a marvelous time, and I can say it was a very nice, real vacation.

We all drove the 4 bumpy, dusty hours to Madang squished into our truck together.  This is us at the guesthouse in Madang, very thankful to be out of the car!

 As you can see, Greg lost no time losing the shirt and getting dirty!

Looks like a football, but it's a young coconut.  Go long!

I'm soooooo thankful that we brought the pack-n-play with us to the beach.  Greg sure needed a snooze after all the swimming.

Greg is a little freaked out by the singing, dancing Santa at Papindo (the local department store)

And what's a trip to Madang without some beach time?  We spent a great day at Rempi, where friends have a little house right on the water.  Great snorkeling too.  Some local kids came to watch us, and Greg loved waving at them and saying "hi."
 Someone from Brian's church sent this swim float for Greg.  It was perfect!  It kept the sun off of him, making mom happy, and Greg got to float in the ocean and kick his legs, which made him very happy.

 Ready for some snorkeling!  We also witnessed a minor miracle that afternoon.  Brian had lost the strap off one of his flippers while taking them off in the water, and we didn't realize it until hours later.  Without much hope, Brian and I grabbed our goggles and jumped back in the water to look for it in the cloudy water near shore.  The tide had been going out, so what were the chances that we would find it?  Just as we were about to give up,  Brian found it!

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