Sunday, December 4, 2011

A real vacation: Part two

On Sunday, we drove an hour and a half up the coast to visit our was family in the village of Karmanang.  This is the family that we lived with for 5 weeks during our POC orientation 3 years ago.  This was their first time meeting Greg.

Greg with Jane, our was mama

Greg loved the village - so many interesting things to explore!

Drinking kulau (green coconut) - nature's Gatorade!

Sitting around in the haus win catching up with the family.  We brought rice and Highlands vegetables, and they cooked us a nice meal to share.

We also went to church at the little foursquare church that our family attends.  Ted, our was papa (on the right), carried Greg to church and he fell asleep in Ted's arms. 

Back in Madang, we visited the market.  Shopping for new meri blouses - the sellers don't mind if you try them on over your clothes.

Another day we visited POC - the place we lived during our 3 months of orientation when we first arrived in the country.

I had forgotten how lovely the view is from there!

After a little trial and error, we found this WWII plane wreck near a village a short drive away.  We had to stop and ask people along the road where the balus japan (Japanese plane) was, and we eventually turned down the correct dirt track and found the family who are caretakers of the wreck and will let you see it for a small fee.  Apparently the area was a Japanese airstrip during the war, and all over the place were little "ponds" that were actually bomb craters.  Pretty neat!

A bit of local color.

Another day at the beach - this time at a place known to the locals as "Scout Camp".  We ended up coming here because the resort we planned to swim at no longer allows non-guests to use their facilities except on weekends.  It was a bit tricky finding this place too, as we had to drive for nearly 10 minutes down a "road" with grass as tall as our truck brushing the sides the whole way.  But it was worth it!  We had the place to ourselves all day, except for a few of the locals who live there who stopped by to say hello.

Enjoying the sand and  water

Three men on a log, letting the surf lap at their feet.

And at the end of the trip, Greg, Sharon and I flew back, while the men drove.  Greg isn't used to riding in a car seat for long periods of time, and we figured it would be less stressful for everyone if we flew back.  I'll take a 40-minute flight over a 4-hour drive any day!

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