Thursday, February 2, 2012

the eating habits of toddlers

I’ve always heard that toddlers can be very picky when it comes to food.  Greg has been asserting his independence and creativity in that area lately.  Not only does he have very particular ideas about what to eat, but he also is very particular with how he eats it.

He takes great pride in choosing the correct utensil for each meal.  Applesauce?  A measuring cup is the obvious choice.  And last week, he insisted on eating this dinner roll with the giant spoon from a salad serving set:

This week Greg decided that a slice of cheese is best eaten while lying on your back on the floor, staring at the ceiling.  And if you can convince mom to join you on the floor, so much the better!  And toast must always be eaten on the front porch, preferably with mom safely inside the house, where she can’t interfere with the process of feeding said toast to the neighbor’s cat.

Of all his mealtime quirkiness lately, my favorite is that he discovered that he loves hummus with veggies.  I had made some for myself as a snack one day and we ended up sitting on the porch together, just quietly dipping our carrot sticks into the bowl and watching people walk by on the street.  It’s not just that I’m thrilled that he’s actually eating some protein and the occasional bite of vegetable, but rather just the act of sitting down together and enjoying our little routine.

When he woke up from his nap this afternoon, the first thing Greg noticed was the lunch dishes that I hadn’t washed yet, and that the bowl of leftover hummus from last night’s dinner was now empty on the counter.  He acted like the world was coming to an end!  But luckily I had a bit more hummus in the freezer and so I thawed it out and cut up some carrot sticks.  We went out on the porch and after I settled him into his chair he patted the one next to him, so that I would know where I was expected to sit.

Of course, when I went inside to download these pictures and write this blog post, I soon heard Greg making cat noises out on the porch.  Sure enough, he was  letting the neighbor’s cat clean out the hummus bowl...

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