Saturday, February 25, 2012

flying the "brrrrrr"

It was a nice, calm, overcast Saturday morning today – perfect weather for flying Brian’s RC airplane.  It has been a really long time since we’ve taken it out as a family.  We’ve just been busy, or the weather has been bad… it just hasn’t happened.  I think Brian has flown without us along a few other times this year, but I think the last time Greg saw dad fly the airplane, he was this big (not quite 6 months):

Back then he was more interested in sucking on the ear of his Winnie the Pooh rattle than watching the airplane.  So this time was a lot of fun.  Greg enjoyed watching the plane fly, and giving a mostly incomprehensible commentary about it’s progress through the sky, complete with descriptive arm gestures. 

Greg calls airplanes “brrrrrr.”  He’s really into identifying things by the sound they make.  He used to say “dog” all the time, but now he’ll only say “that’s an auuuuuuuw.”  

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