Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Photo and Announcement

We took advantage of the tripod Susan got for Christmas to take a new family photo this morning.  Greg wasn't too pleased, perhaps because we took away his toy truck for the photo.  This is the least-scowly photo that we got of him:

We also wanted to share our news - in September we'll become a family of four!  Susan is nearly 13 weeks pregnant and has been feeling great.  She's one of those lucky girls who doesn't get morning sickness.  (Feel free to hate her).  This is the photo we sent to our parents on Valentine's Day to share the news with them:

The timing works out perfectly with our furlough.  We'll arrive in Oregon July 24, have the baby mid-September, and then be able to show the new little one off in Colorado over Thanksgiving.  That's the plan at this point anyway.  As we know from past experience, flexibility is perhaps the best attribute a missionary family can have. 

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