Thursday, May 31, 2012

Travel Toys

We got an awesome package from my mom today.  It was chock full of travel toys to keep Greg occupied on our trip home.  I’ve been trying to think how this is going to work, because our time of transition is going to be fairly long and drawn out.  It’s not just keeping Greg entertained on the airplane that has me thinking, but all the time before and between the flights as well.  This is what we are facing come July:

  • 2 nights before we leave PNG, we move to the guesthouse in Ukarumpa, so that we are able to do final cleaning of the house, washing linens, etc.  Most of Greg’s toys and books will be packed at this point.
  • Day 1 of travel – fly from Ukarumpa to Port Moresby.  Spend two nights in the guesthouse there.
  • Day 2 – at the guesthouse in Port Moresby.  Not a whole lot there to keep a little guy entertained.  Options for going “out on the town” and doing stuff are fairly limited.
  • Day 3 – Fly from Port Moresby to Brisbane, Australia – spend two nights in Brisbane
  • Day 4 – Brisbane – we haven’t yet booked a hotel yet for our stay in Brisbane, so I’m not sure if there will be a swimming pool.  However, we should be able to take Greg to a park or something to help pass the time.
  • Day 5/(6) – The long, long, longest day.  We cross the International Date Line between Fiji and Los Angeles, so we’ll get to have double the “fun” on the same calendar day.  First we have a 5-hour flight from Brisbane to Fiji.  A 5-hour layover in Fiji (we hope to visit a hotel across the street from the airport for a meal).  Then the 12-hour flight from Fiji to Los Angeles.  A few hours in LA, and then a final commuter flight up to Portland, where we will collapse into the arms of Brian’s family.  The grandparents can begin the spoiling of their only grandson, and Brian and I will try to get some sleep.
 So as you can see, we’re looking at 7 or 8 days of being in strange places without Greg having his usual means of entertainment.  I know that the novelty of it all will keep him somewhat occupied, and that a two-year-old can get a lot of mileage out simple things like singing songs, making faces, playing follow the leader and such.  But all the same, I’m very grateful for my mom’s package.  My mom is really good at keeping kids entertained, and she thought of some great small, portable and lightweight items to stock our travel arsenal.  Besides a multitude of tiny cars, animals and Lego figurines, she sent a mini Magna Doodle, books, pipe cleaners, Crayola Color Wonder markers (the kind that only write on the special paper and not on other things), silly putty, temporary tattoos, stickers, magnets, candy necklaces, and more.

Ok – now I have to go hide all of this stuff before Greg wakes up from his nap and wants to play with it.

Do you have any tips for traveling with toddlers that you’d like to share?


Heidi Kravitz said...

I have one recommendation- give the toys/games, etc in increments...not all at once. It holds their interest a little better and then there's more to discover throughout the whole trip!! :) I've never gone THAT far with a young'n, but we have driven to CA from our home with my nephews and that's a 14+ hr drive. :) Heidi

Unknown said...

Cell phone\laptop and videos\favorite movie. And gum or something for him to suck on when the plane takes off and lands - their little ears get plugged from the pressure worse than ours and it can be very uncomfortable for them and there can be a lot of crying\screaming\fussing. Those are my tips, for flying with a toddler. We took Zoe to Alaska..

Doris Berry said...
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Doris Berry said...

From one who is not exactly an expert at parenting ... Valium!