Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guess Who is Two?

Greg turned two today, and we managed to find a little time to celebrate in the midst of our furlough preparations (twelve days until we leave… not that I’m counting or anything!).  His party was pretty low-key.  I thought about blowing up some balloons – but then I remembered that I had already packed them.  Or maybe I should make a sign out of construction paper… oh wait, that is already packed away too.  

Normally I am all about decorating a nice cake for birthdays, but Greg wanted to have cupcakes and we had a few box cake mixes in the cupboard that we needed to use.  I also much prefer homemade icing to the store-bought stuff, but since our store is out of powdered sugar at the moment, I decided to go the easy route and buy a can of frosting at the store.  Unfortunately, I tried to save a little money by buying the discounted can that was a month past-date, and then I didn’t try to frost the cupcakes until two hours before his party, when he was taking his nap.  When I opened up the can, this is what I saw:

Thankfully my neighbor had some powdered sugar, and so I whipped up a batch of frosting real quick and ended up with some decent-looking cupcakes.

We also didn’t want to give Greg a lot of presents, since we’d just have to pack them up again.  We’re saving the new toys that we do have to entertain him on the long trip to the U.S, and we know that his grandparents will have birthday presents waiting for him when we arrive.   But Greg was more than thrilled with the few small things he got, including:

a new coloring book...

and a rubber ball

We invited two families over to help us eat all the cupcakes.  Greg loved all the attention that he got, he loved the cupcakes, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his little party.  So even though it was a rather haphazardly thrown-together celebration, I would say it was a success.

Look how huge he is in this photo!   We measured him against the doorway like we did last year, and he's grown 6 inches this year.

We have another birthday to celebrate before we leave PNG.  My birthday is two days before we go.  We will be moving into the guesthouse and doing final cleaning on our house that day, and I do not plan on cooking at all!.  But we’re having dinner with friends, and I offered to give our remaining cake mix to the hostess so that she could bake it for me for dessert.  How is that for a no-fuss celebration?

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