Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More baby photos

We've been pretty busy at our house lately, but here are a few photos of my boys:

Love those chubby cheeks!  Caleb has been gaining weight and is already almost back to his birth weight.  This makes me extremely happy, since we had a rough time getting Greg to gain weight in the first few weeks.

 Sleeping again.  He does occasionally open his eyes, but we have yet to capture it on camera.  I made a few of these muslin swaddle blankets a few weeks ago after seeing them in stores, and I love them!  The little guy likes to be swaddled, and these blankets work great.

 A lot of people have been asking how Greg is handling the transition.  For the most part, pretty well.  He gets very concerned when he cries.  He likes having baby Caleb around, and likes to "play" with him...

 ...but we have also felt a bit like referees as we hover over the two brothers to make sure Greg doesn't get too.... um... enthusiastic in showing his love to "our baby."

And right now as I write this blog, this is what I am looking at.  I love my boys!

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