Wednesday, September 5, 2012

State Fair

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Oregon State Fair with Brian's parents.  This was an American experience that we really wanted to share with Greg, since the county or state fair played such a big part in both of our childhoods (Brian was very involved in FFA, and I was in 4-H from age 8-17).

Brian's mom had a display for her dahlia business, so she got some free tickets.  Her display was definitely the best one in the flower building.

 We enjoyed free samples of Tillamook cheese.

 Greg got to sit in the "army trucks" at the National Guard display.  His uncle Tim is in the Guard, so Greg thought that was pretty cool.

Grandma agreed to "share" her ice cream with Greg, but he wasn't really in a sharing mood.  Poor grandma!

The petting zoo was a big hit!  How they get all those animals so tame that they are willing to be poked and prodded by little kids all day long is beyond me...

Greg enjoyed watching the 4-H kids exercise their sheep.

Lots of tractors to "test drive."

We even managed to find a grove of "exotic" banana trees.  Greg recognized them as "lala" trees right away, even though they didn't have any fruit on them.  A little reminder of PNG...

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