Friday, November 2, 2012

Seven Weeks (and Halloween)

It's true what they say about the firstborn child getting more pictures taken than then children that follow.  I haven't been that good about taking photos of Caleb.  He's seven weeks old today (how did that happen so quickly?), and I found a few minutes when he was happy and Greg was napping - the perfect opportunity for a few photos.

Wide-eyed wonder

You can't hide from me, mom.  I know you're right behind that camera!

 An almost-smile

Enough pictures already!

And here are a few photos from last night (Halloween).  Greg wore the pumpkin costume that Uncle Darin and Aunt Becky gave him.  He had a marvelous time walking around the block and getting candy.  He would say "Trick-or-treat!," and then after he grabbed a few pieces of candy and shoved them in his sack, he would tell the person "Thank you.  Bye-bye.  Shut the door!"  Then as we walked down the sidewalk he would squeal excitedly "Another house!  More candy!!"

Yeah... I think he grasped the main concepts about the holiday.

Ready to find some goodies.

 My two little pumpkins.  (Yes, Caleb is still wearing the outfit from last night in the photos I took today.  It was still clean, so why change it, right?)

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