Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So... I almost messed up.  You see, there is this outfit in Brian's family that used to belong to Brian's dad, and Brian also wore it when he was a baby.  I took a photo of Greg wearing it, and it has been hanging in the closet until I could find time to take a photo of Caleb wearing it. 

Today I looked at the little outfit on the hanger.  Then I looked at my not-so-little son.  Had I waited too long?  I started to panic.  I decided that I absolutely must take a photo today, before the chance was gone forever.  It's a good thing I did too, because once I squeezed Caleb into it, I was pretty sure he was going to pop a button if he flexed his little baby muscles.  But the historical documentation disaster was diverted, and here is a lovely collage of photos for you:

(Caleb left, Brian center, Greg right)

Before you say that Greg just looks like a little elf baby over there on the right, I have to add a disclaimer that he was only about 6 weeks old in his photo, whereas Caleb is nearly 12 weeks in his.  And I'm guessing that Brian is closer to Caleb's age in his photo.

Still, you can't deny that Caleb is the chunkier baby.  Here they both are at about 9/10 weeks.  (Greg left, Caleb right)

And here they both are at about 10 weeks (Caleb left, Greg right):

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