Monday, January 14, 2013

On the move

We are now at the halfway point of our furlough year, and the time has come to move once again.  This time we are leaving Oregon and traveling to Colorado, which will be our home base for the next 6 months.  Our time in Oregon has just flown by.  While we are very sad to say goodbye to family and friends here on the west coast, we are also looking forward to spending time with family and friends in Colorado.

Now if only we didn't have all that pesky packing and moving in-between!  Brian and I have commented more than once how amazing it is that we arrived from PNG with only 3 suitcases for our family, and now we have enough to fill two vehicles!  (Much of that was given to us or loaned to us by some of you.  Thank you for making it easier for us to set up house in America!)

Here we are having one last meal at our Oregon home, after most of the  furniture had already been returned to its rightful owners.

Brian's old pickup has come in handy!  (And to think that his wife keeps trying to get him to sell it!)

We would appreciate your prayers as we take the next few days to travel, stopping to see some friends along the way.  Colorado, here we come!

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MomsRUsColorado said...

YOu will have to get ahold of us when you arrive - or sometime in this stay... and maybe we can do a time when Mark and Janice can come up... my cell is 97-.222.8865.