Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road Trippin'

We are safely in Colorado and mostly unpacked at our new place in Denver.  Here are a few photos from our road trip (although it appears I didn't take any pictures after the first day!).  Although Brian and I used to make this trip in just two days, we decided that with two kids it would be wise to take four days for the drive.  We are glad we did!

 Just before starting out on our second attempt on the drive (see previous post)

 Greg is all ready to go!

 First stop along the way: Multnomah Falls (OR)

We spent the first night in Pasco, WA with our friends Rion and Ashley.  Rion works as a news director/camera man at an NBC affiliate station.  He gave us a tour of the offices.  (An interesting fact: the building used to be a mortuary, and the staff break room used to be the embalming room!)

I don't have any good photos of the new house yet.  We have been very blessed by some folks from Family in Christ Community Church, who have provided us with a beautiful place to stay for the next few months.

Caleb gets reacquainted with some of the toys that were packed away while mom and dad do some unpacking.

The new house has a very large, fenced back yard, which will be awesome for Greg.  Behind our house is a huge water tank, and workers were doing some repairs.  Brian and Greg each found holes in the fence at just the right height so that they could spy on the proceedings.


dahliaqueen said...

I thought you were going to say Brian was teaching Greg a new trick with potty training :) Brian used to do that when he was 2!

Choate Family said...

So glad you guys made it safely! Enjoy your new home :-)