Thursday, February 14, 2013

Caleb: 5 Months

Our "Baby Gai-Gai" (the nickname Greg came up with from who knows where), is 5 months old today!

So serious!

At 5 months, Caleb is already growing out of his 6-month clothes.  He weighs about 18lbs.  He is fascinated by food, and gets very, very upset when you eat while holding him and you don't let him taste.  He especially loves taking a drink from mommy's glass of water.  (I think we'll be starting solid foods this month.)

He is very easy-going and he thinks his older brother is awesome!  Sometimes Greg makes him cry, but mostly Caleb just smiles whenever Greg interacts with him (even today when Greg was grabbing his foot and dragging him backwards across the hardwood floor!)

There's a little bitty smile!

 My two handsome little guys!

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