Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finding Nemo (as told by Greg)

This photo of Greg today has nothing to do with Finding Nemo, but people like pictures.  This is us making a welcome home sign for daddy (who gets home from a trip to Texas tonight).  (Thanks Heidi for the finger painting idea - I totally copied you!)

Greg is a talker these days.  When he is not singing at the top of his lungs, he is telling stories.  Sometimes they are nonsense made up from his fertile imagination, but often he re-tells stories from his favorite videos (currently Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, or Finding Nemo).  The way he interprets the stories is sometimes amusing.  I have been meaning to record some of them for posterity.  Here is his re-telling of "Finding Nemo."  (Just in case you get confused, the man with the screwdriver is a dentist, the "purple kid" is his niece Darla, and he got confused somewhere in the middle and was thinking about the Hot Wheels car that he got at the store the other day)

The man go and, and turn on the screwdriver in the mouth and then turn on the screwdriver in the man’s mouth. Yeah.

He lay there and the man go he give Nemo to the kid.  He open the door and he stand up on the chair and he have some cookies.

(He had a cookie?)
And he got a car at the store.  He got a blue car like me got a yellow car and bring to the house.
(What happened to Nemo?)
Yeah.  Dory and the white bird said “Mine!  Mine! Mine!”  And then the white bird said “Mine!  Mine! Mine!”  and then the white bird trying eat Marlin and Dory.  Yeah.
(What about the turtles?)
Crunch.  Crunchy and Marlin is on the top.  And Crunch he is fly- he is swimming and like Squirt he is swimming his own self.
(Were there sharks?)
Yeah.  And the shark, the blue shark be swimming in the water he eating Marlin and Nemo their mouths and eat them all gone.  Yeah.  And biting them.  And they are saying “owie” and they are inside there.  And then the purple kid come and then the purple kid come and then he saw it and he cried.
And that is when the voice recorder on my phone cut out.  

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Heidi Kravitz said...

I think that is a fantastic story! And, I'm glad you stole the idea. That's one of my goals. Looks like he is quite the artist in more ways than one. :)